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PASO FINO HORSES FOR SALE is designed to connect prospective buyers of Paso Fino’s with horses that fulfill their needs.  We present Paso’s of all types, levels and prices, and with our experience in the breed, personally assist in finding the right match.

Our goal is to make this search an exciting adventure for everyone involved, removing the stress and pressure of “going it alone” and ending up with a horse that is just not the right one.  We hope this will bring new people into the breed that might have been hesitant to look toward the Paso Fino without an understanding of the breed, as well as those who have little or no choices in their area.

We are located in Colorado and wish to serve as a hub for the west and Midwest where there are vast areas and little communication between Paso Fino buyers and sellers.  Listings are still totally welcome from all over the country; there are amazing Paso’s everywhere and we represent a broad spectrum.

Also offered on PASO FINO HORSES FOR SALE will be stallion services  from barns that we know will be timely and carry through with the process of the breeding professionally, as well as having prove, quality stallions.

It is our hope that this website, by making the buying process more successful, will stimulate the Paso Fino market in the west  and bring many more of these amazing horses into our part of the country.

We look forward to working with you!


Billy & Suzi Badrena


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