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  Type of gait - Check all that apply!
  Walks comfortably on loose rein
  Pulls on reins when walking
  Will corto with even forward speed
  Has short quick corto
  Tends to trot instead of corto
  Tends to pace instead of corto
  Has medium largo
  Has big largo
  Will run whenever possible
  Very responsive in any gait
   Trail experience - Check all that apply!
  Enjoys trails without fear
  Has no trial experience
  Needs some time and patience on trails
  Needs other horses to be comfortable on trails
  Will go through water without hesitation
  Has no experience with water
  Balks at water or jumps over any water
   Show experience - Check all that apply!
  Regional show experience (explain in comments)
  National show experience (explain in comments)
  Suitable for pleasure classes
  Suitable for Fino classes
  Never show but has potential
  More suited for trail than show
  Suited for performance classes
  Suitable for specialty classes (explain in comments)

Behavior - Check all that apply!

  Stands sill while mounting and dismounting
  Loads easily in trailer
  Has no experience with trailer
  Difficult to load and needs work
  Stands for farrier
  Needs sedation or a twitch for the farrier
  Very green needs time and patience
  Has training but has been in pasture for awhile
  Has training but only ridden occasionally
  Has training and is ridden regularly
  Has great ground manners
  Ground manners need work
  Medical information - Check all that apply!
  Horse has had colic in the last year
  Horse has a history of colic (explain in comments)
  Horse has foundered but has no rotation
  Horse has foundered and has rotation in coffin bone
  Horse has ongoing medical conditions (explain in comments)
  Hose is a cribber (chews wood)
  Horse is a wind sucker (grabs wood and sucks air)
  Horse is in excellent health with no medical issues
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Here is where you can express the “personal” side of the horse. What makes this horse special, his or her best qualities. Potential buyers do read this, so take the time to give this horse a character.

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  If you have used tack for sale, please describe each item in detail, the condition and the price. 10% commission applies to everything sold on the site. If you have none say none.   
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